Avails and Digital Extras Solved!

Avails are a headache. Hundreds or Thousands of Titles, dozens of versions, countless retailers - and we're still using spreadsheets and e-mail to track it? ANG Digital has a better way: the proprietary, secure, cloud-based Generat.IO platform that takes your avails in whatever format you keep them, emulates them into a simple-to-edit interface, and distributes them in the EMA conforming standard.

Generat.IO also lets you create Digital Special Features manifests in the MovieLabs spec - all WITHOUT long-term license fees or enterprise software stacks you don't need.

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We Specialize In

Digital and mobile distribution are unlocking exciting new revenue streams, but the pace of innovation puts a strain on your internal systems and workforce. ANG Digital helps relieve that strain with smart, secure platforms and services that meet your most immediate needs and opportunities. No complicated steps added to your workflow. No additional headcount required. Just solutions – when and how you need them.

  • Web and Mobile Development
  • Media Services Process Outsourcing
  • Digital Content Authoring
  • Digital Packaging
  • Automated Localization
  • Secure Distribution

  • User Analytics

  • E-Commerce
  • Multi-Screen and Second Screen
  • User Experience Design

Powered by Generat.IO

Generat.IO forms the core of ANG Products and Services. Generat.IO is a first-of-its-kind visual-based content management system that replaces the time-consuming manual process of creating and authoring content, associated metadata and menus for digital delivery, no matter the ingest format or the delivery spec. This amazing platform supports a number of wide-ranging applications, including:

  • Digital Special Features Manifest Creation and Distribution
  • Avails
  • Secure Film Market Platform
  • Interactive Experience Authoring
  • Online rights management
  • Online and Mobile Adaptive Menu Management